K&F is an Oil and Gas business company (Pte. Ltd.), based in Singapore and with locations in Hamburg (Germany) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Dr. Torsten Friedel, Technical Director
Mr. Friedel is a petroleum engineer with core competency in numerical and analytical methods, including development of customized software solutions. He also focuses on reservoir simulation, management and optimization, risk and uncertainty management in field development and field development planning. Mr. Friedel has successfully managed several field development concepts and field review projects as a Schlumberger employee in different positions and geographical locations. Prior to founding K&F, T. Friedel managed Schlumberger’s subsurface consulting group and later Schlumberger’s asset evaluation activities in the Asia Pacific geomarket.

Torsten Friedel is also author/co-author of about 35 scientific papers on various O&G topics and works as a peer reviewer for various industry journals.

Klaas Kostro, Managing Partner
Mr. Kostro is a reservoir engineer with core competency in numerical simulation methods, including uncertainty workflows and reservoir production optimization studies. He successfully planned and executed various field development concepts for different oil and gas fields in various countries. Mr. Kostro has also years of experience in oil field operations, like planning and executing of well testing and fracking. His operational experience comes from oil and gas fields in Africa, Europe and Russia.

Klaas Kostro also gathered engineering experience by working for Schlumberger as an expert in ECLIPSE® in the European geomarket, followed by a position at Wintershall as a senior reservoir engineer at different locations. Prior to founding K&F, K. Kostro worked as an independent consultant for several oil and gas operators in Europe and Russia and successfully managed engineering software development projects.

Mr. Kostro conducts lectures on reservoir simulation and engineering at the technical university TU Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany.